Updates to LEWS Website 
[IanW] We've recently updated our LEWS website with news of the LMS Review and the Access Grid (IOCOM) installation project.

We've also announced the appointment of Adam Barbary to the team.

Soon to come is an overview of our Web Development project.

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LEWS Update - plans for 2009 
SteveP: The LEWS team recently had a planning session at SMB campus, brainstorming ideas and formulating tactics for a successful 2009. Three main areas for further work were identified, and we'll be prioritising these over the coming weeks and months.

1. Further engagement with staff enthusiastic about the prospects of incorporating online elements into their learning programs. We've already had some great success with this during 2008, and now hope to capitalise on the positive outcomes we've helped to achieve and goodwill we've generated by taking things a step or two further.

2. Introduction of drop-in sessions based in Higher Education schools. We plan to base ourselves in your school for half a day every two or three weeks so that you can just pop-in to ask random questions, see demonstrations, or get expert advice. We'll be coordinating with each school to make this as convenient as possible. Remember that you can still call us for assistance in your office at any time.

3. Development of an eLearning course, showcasing various techniques and tools available for online and blended learning. An idea that dates back to April 2008, the course will be open to all academics and will showcase some of the pedagogies, technologies and support resources available. You'll be able to experience best-practice eLearning as a student, whilst learning strategies and tactics that can also help to improve your own courses' facilitation.

Watch this space!

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UB now part of iTunes U 
iTunes U is an area on Apple's iTunes Store available for educational institutions to publish (podcast) audio and video materials. Able to be be configured for internal and external (world wide) audiences, the complete publishing infrastructure is provided free to universities. UB has recently completed the legal process and Steve Pallett is now working to set our site up for publishing UB content. Other members of the LEWS team will be involved in designing the look and feel of the site to give UB a distinctive appearance.

This site potentially exposes UB resources to a huge international audience. In addition to teaching resources we anticipate marketing and promotional material also be being uploaded.

To access the site, a user needs to have Apple's free iTunes installed. (All SOE PCs have iTunes already.)

The software is available from:

iTunes Download Site

Once installed, the user runs iTunes and chooses iTunes Store from the left hand menu. Search in the iTunes Store for "iTunes U" or use the link on the left of the main page. Explore from there.

When you get to the iTunes U site, you'll see something like this:

Some key points:

iTunes is available free for both Windows and Macintosh computers.

You can view and save content to the computer from where you can listen to/view it. You do not need an iPod or any other device beside the PC to listen to/view downloads.

The UB site is not yet active as we undertake the configuration and set up.

Academics will have control over whether their material is restricted to the UB audience or an unlimited global audience.

When the system is configured and available the LEWS team will develop support resources and make them available through our LEWS Staff Resources Site.

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Online Self Help Resource site launched 
The LEWS team has been hard at work producing an extensive range of online resources for students and staff covering online learning. Coordinated by Clair McCready and with input from Kellie, Jaimee, Cat and Steve, this site should be bookmarked as the first port of call for anyone exploring online/elearning, seeking to resolve an issue or looking for more detailed explanations of some of the services and systems that are available at UB.

The site is at:


It can also be accessed through the main LEWS site at:


The resources are being published through Drupal, an open source online environment that provides a range of Web 2.0 services. This will shortly be available for the use of teaching staff at UB.

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LEWS Promotional Video now available 
IW: We have produced a 3 minute video providing an overview of the range of people and activities making up the LEWS team.

You can see it on tUBe at:

LEWS Video link

Yeah, we know, it's not going to win the Prix d'Or at Cannes but it does showcase Eammon's pretty damn good editing/animation skills.

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Turnitin Project Officer starts.. 
Ian: After lengthy delays, we have the new Turnitin Project Officer on board. Brian Martin started on May 9. Brian has an impressive background in project management and business development, including a stint with KPMG. He will be a great asset to UB in this role.

Brian will be working 0.5 to the end of the year and anticipates his days of work being Wednesday and Thursday with some time floating to enable visits to Schools and other activities.

Building on the work of Tom Keogh last year, Brian will be working with Schools and third party providers to encourage the use of Turnitin and to promote the positive benefits to students beyond the somewhat intimidating perception that it's just about catching villains.

Brian can be contacted on x6254 and his email is b.martin@ballarat.edu.au .

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Starbak + tUBe Milestone 

Eammon : "Starbak is finally online again after hibernating for a number of months. We'd like to contain its use to recording H.323 calls only and focus on tUBe (particularly in the near future when we move to V2.0) as the University's main video distribution system. Many thanks to Ian and Marcus for their help with getting it back online. Anyone requiring an account, please email me a request: e.jones@ballarat.edu.au

Speaking of which, tUBe hit one hundred uploaded videos today. Considering it was only implemented towards the end of '07, the uptake is really encouraging! Of those hundred videos, there were 2200 individual video views over the past 5 months. Very promising. Big thanks to Steve Pallett and Matthew Elvey for their continued work behind the scenes."

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Policy around use of externally hosted services e.g. Facebook 
Posted: IW: Discussion heats up around use of external web services in academia

With the extremely rapid take up of Web 2.0 services and the rise of social networking, many universities are grappling with the issue of how to manage external services such as Facebook, ELGG, MySpace, Second Life and so on. This becomes a critical issue when students and staff want to use these services as part of the teaching and learning process. Content on external sites is outside the provenance of an individual university which raises issues for assessment, validation, auditing, authentication and more. Further, there is the potential for content to suddenly become unavailable if a service provider changes access or ownership arrangements such as when a formerly open, free service becomes a commercial service.

Universities around the world are tackling this issue and seeking to develop policy responses. In Australia, ACODE (Australasian Council on Open, Distance and E-Learning) are pulling together a number of local efforts and are facilitating a discussion across their members. Prior to the next ACODE workshop in June, I expect there will be a day where this will be discussed in depth. More here following that workshop.

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Second Educational Resource Developer appointed 
POSTED: IW: We have made a second appointment of an Educational Resource Developer at UB. Again we have identified an outstanding graduate of UB in Catherine Duncan who completed a Bachelor of Information Technology in 2005. Most recently Cat work at Geelong College in the multimedia/programming area. Cat sees her new role at UB as an exciting opportunity to take her passion for design, multimedia and innovative learning methodologies to a new level.

Cat starts with us on Monday April 14.

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Educational Resource Developer appointed 
POSTED: IW: We are very pleased to have appointed an Educational Resource Developer. Jaimee Berezny, a very recent graduate of UB, impressed us with her technical skills, her design skills and her enthusiasm for the position. With a strong portfolio of work completed both within her course and as a freelancer, Jaimee has all the attributes we were seeking for the role.

This position works closely with academic staff and our Learning Designer to provide support in the selection and development of various resources for use in online delivery. These typically could include illustrations, animations, quizzes and rich media (audio/video) items.

Jaimee joins us on Monday March 17. Look out for her profile on our staff profile page soon after she starts.

It is very gratifying to find an outstanding applicant among UB's own recent graduates and reinforces the quality of students and teaching to be found at UB.

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